SWE CU Boulder’s mentorship Program is designed to bridge the upper and underclassmen groups together.  This provides our members with an enriching experience of helping guide them towards their goals.

For both the mentor and the mentee this is a two-fold process. The mentor is able to help their mentee traverse the years yet to come, by offering advice or words of wisdom from what they’ve personally experienced.  The mentee, however is also able to pass this back to their mentor and bring a fresh perspective and questions to the table, while also giving their mentor the opportunity to broaden leadership and communication skills.

This program is relatively new to the chapter, but every year we have a pool of excited participates who would like to receive mentorship or pass it forward.  It is never a bad idea to have a mentor, regardless of how formal or informal the situation is.  We love the enthusiasm and dedication our members bring to the table, which is why we are continually pushing to grow this into a successful program!

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